If you are in the market for a new color Multi-Function Printer (MFP) for your office, it’s vital to choose one that meets your current needs and future requirements. Here are six key factors to consider before purchasing an MFP for your office:

Stand Out in Color:

Studies have shown that using color in documents can significantly increase readers’ attention and recall.

Printing from Mobile Devices:

Many users wish to print from their mobile phones and tablets, but it’s often not as straightforward. Our MFPs support popular mobile printing technologies, allowing easy printing from various devices, such as email messages, PowerPoint slides, or boarding passes.

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 User-Friendly Interface:

Our MFPs are designed with a user-friendly color touchscreen, featuring tablet-style menu navigation. This intuitive interface makes it simple for both experienced and novice users to access advanced features and set up jobs efficiently.


Speeding Up Office Efficiency:

Waiting for the copier to warm up can be time-consuming and affect productivity. Our MFPs warm up within seconds, helping businesses save valuable time and enhance overall office efficiency.


Simplified Toner Cartridges:

Different MFP models often require various toner cartridges, leading to the need to stock multiple types. With our MFPs, each colour uses one type of toner cartridge, minimizing the need for stocking various cartridges.


Beyond Printing:

Modern MFPs go beyond printing capabilities. They serve as a centralized hub for capturing, retrieving, and sharing digital data. With advanced features and enhanced security, our MFPs offer more than just printing functionalities.

Consider these essential aspects when choosing your next MFP, and ensure that it aligns perfectly with your office’s present and future needs.